Collaborative Augmented Targeting System (CATS)

CATS is a bolt on targeting package for small arms that allows groups of Soldiers to share and act on targeting information in real time. 

01 / FAST

CATS creates and shares targeting information with its network in real time. Ballistic Solutions are calculated and displayed in milliseconds, enabling rapid targeting and retargeting of stationary and moving targets.


CATS advanced sensors allow accurate targeting of man sized and smaller targets, including sUAS.


From fire team to company, CATS links all targeting info. CATS also ingests targeting information from external sources (TAC, MCH etc).


CATS easily mounts to any caliber of rifle and machine gun, as well as grenade launchers and mortar systems. CATS requires no modifications to the weapon system.


CATS computes and delivers targeting data in realtime and does not rely on the shooter to see a target and calculate where to position the weapon; it can engage NLOS, aerial, and moving targets with ease. CATS also enhances the ability to mass fire.


CUTTER munitions increase the probability of lethal effects on small unmanned aerial systems. 


Designed to burst into dozens of pieces at a specified range, CUTTER increases the effective surface area, and probability of hitting a sUAS, of a .50 cal round by over 25 times, each packing the energy of a 9mm pistol at point blank range. 


CUTTER is effective out to the maximum effective range of the weapon system.

03 / EASY

Belt fed CUTTER rounds are compatible with all medium and heavy machine guns, require no modifications to the gun system, and can be swapped in or out like any other type of ammunition. 



Pythagoras' vision is informed by my time as a small unit leader in Afghanistan and Syria. It became apparent that sUAS were an emerging threat and that the defenses arrayed against them were insufficient, especially on a tactical level. Small units leaving the wire are effectively unprotected from sUAS. The technology deployed to counter these threats primarily protects stationary bases and large formations. SWaP and cost considerations conspire to relegate small mobile formations to rely on only electronic defenses, if any, which provide insufficient protection. 

Pythagoras started life as a technology consulting company. Thanks to the vision and patience of my business partners, we were able to pivot to concentrate on the emerging threat. 

Pythagoras believes that all warriors deserve top notch technology and protection. Maintaining our technological edge is absolutely imperative to the United States and our allies. The CATS system and CUTTER rounds are the manifestation of that belief. 

-Dane Pigott




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